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About Alterna Savings Mortgages

What are the benefits to joining a credit union such as Alterna Savings? The answer is unions are made up of customers that are members and the credit union is overseen also by members, so the essence of 'community' and top notch service are truly second to none. Alterna Savings & Credit Union Ltd. offers all the services and products that major banks do, as it is indeed a financial institution. When it comes to mortgages, home buyers will quickly discover the perks to becoming a member (great interest rates, critiqued mortgage products that 'feel better', and mortgage expertise with the mortgage advisors that are available to you). The Alterna Savings mortgage calculator (found on the website) provides buyers with fantastic insight on how much a mortgage loan will equal out to each month. The affordability calculator is a great way to work out just how much a home buyer can comfortably afford to borrow (there are many useful tools at buyers' disposals on our website). Because of the more personalized service of Alterna Savings, home buyers will have each mortgage product of interest explained out in detail so that you have solid knowledge and can make sound financial decisions about a mortgage.
Alterna Savings mortgage calculator and the other tools available are highly recommended to first time home buyers that are thinking about a new mortgage (experienced home buyers searching for mortgage renewal, mortgage refinancing, or home equity loans can use the calculators to get a basic idea of monthly cost). Which mortgage is a good fit for your finances and feels comfortable? Some buyers like the idea of having their interest rate locked in for a term without any 'prime rate fluctuation' surprises (a fixed rate mortgage). Other buyers like adjustable rate mortgages & variable rate mortgages that are set to the prime rate for the potential of the prime rate lowering (but still taking the chance it could rise, so a bit of a gamble). Then, there are the hybrid mortgages and the convertible mortgages that utilizes the fixed rate and variable rate mortgages split between two terms (so if the prime rate is expected to rise, buyers have the opportunity to lock up their current interest rate). The lender that you choose to work with when it comes to your mortgage needs will inform you of any pros and cons, but it is very important to ask many questions, so you do not have any negative mortgage loan surprises down the road.

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