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There is no question about living in British Columbia... save for the only thing you be asking yourself, which is "where in this beautiful province should I live?" There are hamlets, villages, cities, townships, and even uninhabited areas that have vacant lands for sale that are just waiting for your imagination to come forward! British Columbia is a way of life more than a place to hang your hat and live and work. A higher quality of life waits for home buyers that want much more bang for their hard-earned buck. Who can resist jaw-dropping mountains in the backdrop and lush forests that offer peace and tranquility? What about the never-ending adventures that the Provincial Parks & conservation areas, rivers & lakes, and cities offer up every single day? Both outdoor and indoor enthusiasts adore all that this four-seasons sensational province offers. The real estate is just as enticing and can match all budgets, which is a great start for families with children, retirees, singles, couples, and business professionals. Are you an uber-urbanite? The city of Vancouver will fulfill all your needs and wants. Wine connoisseurs, farm market buffs, hikers, cyclists, skiers, wildlife watchers, and everyone in-between will find many outlets province-wide to indulge in some fun!
Nowadays, many home buyers are not sitting on a mountain of cash and rely on the ability to obtain a mortgage loan to purchase their first or second home. The real estate market has some complicated twists in it, but if you are considering a mortgage as the main means of buying your home, you may want to do some research privately and seek the advice of a mortgage advisor, mortgage broker, or mortgage specialist. Businesspeople that are experts in the real estate and mortgage sectors can really provide buyers with in-depth information which can be highly valuable to the buyer. The real estate purchasing process is smothered in lots of 'steps' and can seem to be a real challenge to the average person, so let's clear up some of the basic steps. You will want to enlist the services of a lender after you have decided to take out a mortgage loan. Doing your research on what differs between lenders and what they can offer to you is important (some lenders like credit unions and banks have ridged criteria to meet, whereas private lenders have less stringent criteria). Major banks and credit unions are regulated by the government and source the funds to loan out to you from the government and therefore mortgage rates tend to be lower. Private lenders are not regulated by the government, so these lenders can let some things slide, but they tend to have higher mortgage rates.
Once you have selected a great lender that is going to approve your application for a mortgage loan, you will want to have a commitment letter in hand from your lender so that you can move forward in obtaining the real estate professionals that you will need (a real estate agent that will act as a go-between with you and a seller if you make an offer on a home, and a lawyer to take care of the necessary legalities of closing on the home). The real estate types that exist in British Columbia are diverse because of the varying climates and landscapes of this great province, but buyers will see everything from condominiums in the cities, to rural cottages & cabins, to split level homes, single family & multi-family dwellings, duplexes, executive townhomes, and more. With an in-depth realty collection such as this, buyers will see through the MLS listings that there are homes that touch on every budget. If you are unsure about where you stand with affordability while you are doing your research, you can freely use some of the mortgage tools available on the Internet to work out affordability and other interesting aspects, such as comparing mortgages.

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