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CMHC mortgage insurance is required on all
mortgages with down payment less than 20%
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Total mortgage amount is calculated by subtracting
the down payment from the property price and adding
CMHC mortgage insurance (if applicable)
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Amortization period is length of time that it would take
the mortgage holder to pay off the mortgage in full
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to make your mortgage payments.
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Mortgage payment is the amount that you will be
required to pay based on your mortgage terms
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About Chinook Financial Mortgages

Determining your budget for a new home or a new construction for your dream home can be quickly figured out by using the Chinook Financial mortgage calculator. Chinook Financial is a division of Connect First Credit Union, so you know you and your family are in good hands financially. The mortgage calculator will help you to gain a basic idea of monthly payments on your mortgage loan, work out the schedule for payments and see (by comparing) which mortgage type will provide you with the best solution. A great start to your new home journey is to independently see for yourself upfront where your most comfortable financially. The Chinook Financial mortgage calculator allows you to factor in any down payment you may have been able to tuck away, monthly overhead like utility costs estimate for the home, property taxes if any and other monthly expenses like other debt payments (credit cards, lines of credit, loans, etc.). A mortgage calculator is simple to use and is just one of many tools at your fingertips & found on the Chinook Financial website. Buying or building a new home is a big leap financially, but once you are sure you are ready for this lengthy financial commitment, then it is time to step forward.
A new mortgage can seem a bit intimidating but learning about the different ways mortgage products can be utilized and 'tweaked' so that one specifically meets your goals is a smart strategy. Seasoned mortgagees already are familiar with mortgages, as it is not their first time around in the mortgage market (maybe you are looking for mortgage refinance, mortgage renewal, or home equity loans), but it is still wise to speak with a mortgage professional, as mortgage laws tend to change. A Chinook Financial mortgage calculator and other tools can provide a 'leg up' to home buyers before sitting down with any lender. Once a home buyer discovers just how versatile mortgage products can be and how they are designed for 'peak performance' over the life of the loan, then choosing the one that coincides with your finances is not difficult at all! Mortgage professionals are up on the latest laws pertaining to mortgages, so having a mortgage advisor or specialist outline mortgage products, their varying interest rates and how they work is ideal. Did you know that you can split your mortgage so that it utilizes all the benefits of both a variable rate and a fixed rate? This is called a hybrid mortgage (or a 50/50 mortgage).

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