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About Coast Capital Mortgages

There are plenty of perks when home buyers join the membership of Coast Capital (the largest Federal Credit Union in Canada) for its regulation by the government (this regulation provides benefits such as lower interest rates on all types of loans (including mortgage loans) and a long list of alternative services & products!). Home buyers can easily check out Coast Capital's website to find a multitude of useful mortgage tools, like the Coast Capital mortgage calculator. Whether you are a mortgagee in the market for home equity loans, mortgage renewal, mortgage refinancing, or a second mortgage, or you are a first time home buyer looking for a new mortgage, Coast Capital has a mortgage product just right for you. Armed with a team of mortgage specialists, home buyers will be able to reap the benefits of credit union membership. Other mortgage loan lenders have higher interest rates (like mortgage companies) and may not extend the 'community-oriented' service that Coast Capital does with each member. The list of mortgage types extends beyond fixed rate mortgages, variable rate mortgages, and adjustable rate mortgages, but these are the top three that are most popular for how they perform over the life and maturity of the mortgage loan.
As you will quickly see why, a Coast Capital mortgage calculator is great at comparing a variety of mortgage-related scenarios. With a 20% down payment minimal, home buyers would potentially qualify for a conventional mortgage, which would (in essence) drop the amount down of the loan and lower the risk to your lender. Mortgage default insurance typically is imposed on home buyers that have less then 20% down payment (this is becoming a popular option for buyers that want to hang onto their saved cash and pay the little bit of extra each month to avoid the burden of a substantial down payment). If the home buyer and the lender decide to incorporate mortgage default insurance, the mortgage will be a high ratio mortgage. A mortgage calculator is great at showing how much a mortgage loan would cost each month roughly with a large down payment and without a large down payment, so comparing is a good strategy. Some tips for saving money on your mortgage is to increase the monthly payment frequency to bi-weekly instead of once a month, as this in turn will get you to the 'pay more on the principal' goal. With good advice and lots of knowledge, you will have a positive mortgage experience.

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