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The mortgage market... filled with various terms, rates, conditions, and intimidating calculations that can make the average person's head spin, not to mention how first time home buyers may perceive all the information regarding a new mortgage. Generally (and before getting into the in-depth information that goes hand in hand with Desjardins mortgage rates), a good step forward is to have a solid understanding about what a mortgage is, be informed about the various kinds of mortgages (such as a mortgage renewal, new mortgage, home equity loans, etc.) and what mortgage would be a 'great fit' for you. Any lender that deals in loans for mortgages have different mortgage 'offers' (conditions, terms, interest rates, penalty fees, etc.); plus, every home buyer has unique financial situations. A mortgage is basically a legal agreement between the home buyer and the lender that binds the two entities into a contract that the lender will loan out the funds to a home buyer to purchase a home, but the lender holds the title/deed to the home/property until the home buyer pays off the loan in full with interest and any additional fees outlined in the contract. Through research, home buyers will begin to understand that they will fit into one of three categories: careful, average, or assertive.
A careful home buyer will be more attracted to a preset payment schedule and a preset interest rate. An average home buyer tends to be attracted to a preset payment schedule while having a higher tolerance to fluctuations in the interest rate. An assertive home buyer focuses on paying the loan off as soon as possible and has a much higher tolerance for fluctuations with both the interest rate and the payment schedule. The varying types of mortgages circle around three main types: an adjustable rate, a variable rate, and a fixed rate. These three mortgage types can be closed or open (which changes the performance of the mortgage type). Home buyers will also come to learn terminology that also is hinged to mortgages such as prepayment (with or without penalties), conversions from one mortgage type to another during the life of the loan, and the rate/guarantee timeframe at the signing of the loan. This is just scratching the surface of the lengthy bits of information that are advisable to know. Desjardins mortgage rates percentages tend to go together with the number of months or years that the mortgage loan will be carried for and the type of mortgage chosen. Mortgage loans that are expected to be carried on for 30 years (as an estimate) will generally have a higher interest rate attached to it, as opposed to a 15-year mortgage loan.

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