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Amortization period is length of time that it would take
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About First Calgary Financial Mortgages

The mortgage market...many people have different views and mixed feelings about this industry, but did you know it all begins with the lender that the home buyer chooses to work with for a mortgage loan? First Calgary Financial (a merged credit union of several credit unions) is member owned, which translates into unique financial options for members by members. Credit unions are known for its tight-knit association with its customers who are members and the board, which is also made up of members, so a far more community-friendly banking institution. When you are considering utilizing home equity, renewing your mortgage, taking out a new mortgage, renovating, or refinancing, First Calgary Financial has the mortgage options you are searching for. To help you along the way (especially for first time home buyers), the First Calgary Financial mortgage calculator is a highly beneficial tool to get you started. Navigating through certain pieces of information would otherwise feel complicated, but the First Calgary Financial mortgage calculator is simple, easy to use, and found on their website. While using this tool, there are other useful mortgage tools and information that can further your scope of knowledge regarding mortgages such as mortgage types, mortgage rates, and mortgage terminology.
Over time (and with the right mortgage product in place designed for you), the principal of the loan and the interest will start to lower, which reduces the total amount owing. The mortgage team at First Calgary Financial can sit down with you and explain how each mortgage product that you qualify for works. You will learn about the differences between a closed mortgage and an open mortgage, the pros and cons of a variable rate mortgage versus a fixed rate mortgage, as well as how a down payment benefits you and your mortgage and why interest rates vary between mortgage products. The one thing to remember is, the longer the amortization schedule is (the number of years you wish to borrow the money for), the more interest payments you will make over that time frame. To save some money, you can consider cutting back on a lengthy amortization by increasing the payment frequency each month (instead of making one payment once a month, maybe investigate your affordability of weekly or bi-weekly payments). A mortgage calculator is a good way to get started, but it is when you are ready to step into the preapproval process, it is then that you will gain a clearer perspective on the perks to working hard on your mortgage loan at the start, then dragging it out over many years to keep the monthly payment lower.

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