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Merging several credit unions together back in the 1980s, First Calgary Financial is a member owned financial institution. Members have many benefits and a great collection of services that are community-geared for more personalized products and financial options. The goal of many home buyers is to be mortgage free as soon as it is financially feasible, and there are mortgages at this financial institution to help make that happen (discussing your plans with the mortgage team will be a great way to gain perspective on the current mortgage market). Mortgage products can be adjusted to work with your finances and the First Calgary Financial mortgage rates are competitive to other lenders. The top two concerns of all home buyers are the principal amount to borrow to purchase a new home and the interest payments that will get tacked on during the mortgage timeframe for payoff. When it comes to mortgage rates, shopping around is ideal, along with the right mortgage product such as a variable rate mortgage, a fixed rate mortgage, or an adjustable rate mortgage. Some mortgage lenders will combine two mortgage products so the borrower can experience the best of both worlds (sometimes called a hybrid mortgage).
First Calgary Financial mortgage rates are based on a few key pieces of criteria such as the length of time the mortgage will be active (years or months), how the interest market/prime rate is moving, the type of mortgage and if the borrower has stipulations imposed on them (default insurance or the government stress test of an additional 2% interest for five years). Mortgage rates are basically calculated by a few factors like the principal amount, the monthly interest rate and the total number of payments (when paying weekly or bi-weekly instead of once a month, you may find some monetary savings throughout the life of the loan). Each lender offers different mortgage rates and contracts/terms; this is largely due to the risk factor that a borrower poses, so in other words, the lender is going to charge you a large fee (the interest rate) for loaning you enough money to buy a home. The home itself and its current market value are accepted as collateral, but the financial situation of the borrower has a lot to do with the amount that can be borrowed and the mortgage interest rate percentage. First Calgary Financial mortgage rates are member based, in other words, a board of members that are more community oriented, can be competitive and sometimes offer lower rates to other members.

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