About Meridian Credit Union Rates

Through the merger of two separate credit unions is how Meridian Credit Union was formed back in 2005 and insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario. Meridian Credit Union offers many various services including loans, lines of credit, various bank account options, credit cards, insurance, investments, and mortgages. One unique aspect of this credit union is its family & friend's mortgage (perfect for self-employed people and family members who want to jointly take on one mortgage loan for a better borrowing power!). Meridian Credit Union mortgage rates are surprisingly lower then many other lenders and this can be attributed to the ideals of 'community-oriented' that underlines any transaction with all customers. Mortgage refinancing, mortgage switch-up, mortgage renewals, or a new mortgage... borrowers should see what this credit union can do for you. Mortgages are complicated but through the mortgage team, home buyers & existing mortgagees that spend some time with the mortgage specialist team can reap the benefits of their expertise and individual mortgage strategies. Flexibility with mortgage products makes this credit union popular (20/20 prepayment privileges, flexible schedule, mortgage protection, skip-a-payment feature, flex-equity and so much more). As you can see, there are many perks to be a member of this credit union.
Looking into Meridian Credit Union mortgage rates and checking on every mortgage product & feature that is available, it is now time to analyze just how prepared you are financially for home ownership and the monthly obligations of a mortgage loan & unexpected little expenses. There is no lender that is not going to want you to prove precisely where you stand financially through a credit rating, income stability & gross monthly earnings, assets, debts, monthly overhead and all financial obligations. Basically, a lender will want to deduct all your current monthly expenses (rent, utilities, payment on debts, travel expenses, etc.) from your gross income, perform a credit check to ensure that you have little to zero debts with outstanding balances and other detailed background checks. The next thing all lenders look for is to see if the borrower has been saving money over time with the intension of using it as a down payment on a home. The more prepared you are to borrow a substantial amount of money to buy a home, the better your chances are of getting approved, it is quite simple. The less risk you impose on the lender, the more the lender will want to secure your mortgage loan with great terms, conditions and of course, a well-negotiated mortgage rate.

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