About Nova Scotia Real Estate

Nova Scotia is a truly unique province in Canada and boasts a countless list of reasons as to why investing in real estate here is a sound decision. The Bay of Fundy edges Nova Scotia on one side and the Atlantic Ocean edges Nova Scotia on the opposite side of this peninsula & offshore islands. The perks this Province offers come by way of beaches along the shorelines, the uber-urbanite city of Halifax & nearby Dartmouth and the rural communities that host farmlands (fruits, vegetables, livestock & vineyards) found throughout the Annapolis Valley and the North & South Mountains that frame said Valley. The friendliness of the residents is the first thing that many people notice upon making Nova Scotia their home and the second thing is the affordability of not only the real estate, but the everyday essentials too. The real estate collection here reflects the various lifestyles (waterfront properties, condominiums, large multi-family homes, single family houses, bungalows, ranchers, mobile homes, duplexes, cottages, cabins and much more). Another big perk to making Nova Scotia your home is... you can drive from one end to the other of this whole province in approximately 8 hours, which means you are never far from the conveniences of the city, even if you are living right on the shores of the Bay of Fundy or the Atlantic Ocean!
After reviewing the real estate MLS listings for Nova Scotia and making a short list of homes or vacant lots that have caught your eye, are you already pondering the notion of a mortgage loan to help you buy a home? Do you know how much money and which mortgage type you would be approved for by a lender? It is always a savvy strategy to do a little leg work on your own before approaching a lender such as using various mortgage related calculators to figure out affordability and learn about the assortment of mortgage products available. Being armed with a solid base of information about mortgages before talking to and applying for a mortgage loan with a lender will go a long way with the choices you will make for the life of the mortgage (typically many years). You should be aware of how different interest rates can affect you financially over the life of the mortgage (you could end up paying thousands of dollars unnecessarily until your mortgage ends). By sitting down and talking to the lender that has earned your trust and going through the prequalifying process will help you to get closer to your mortgage and home ownership goals.
To get your lender behind you 100% financially, you will need to be preapproved for a mortgage loan. A preapproval from a lender is like money in the bank, your lender will provide you with a commitment letter outlining the amount of money that you can borrow (this is important to have in hand because your real estate agent, your lawyer and the seller of the home you will make an offer to will all want to know you actually have access to the funds needed). You will come across phrases throughout this home buying process that your lender, real estate broker, and lawyer will explain out to you. Some of these will be agreement of sale/purchase agreement (a written contract between the buyer and the seller outlining the conditions & terms under which the real estate/property will be sold) and the completion date (the date which the purchase transaction will be completed with the transfer of title & price paid). The title is a legal document showing the person's legal right or ownership of the property listed on it (also known as real property). You will incur closing costs, which generally covers transfer fees, legal fees & disbursements that are due on completion day.

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