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Expanses of breathtakingly stunning prairielands (the flatlands that make it famous)... freshwater lakes... rolling hills... welcome to Saskatchewan! When you couple a higher quality of life with affordability and mix in a fusion of friendly residents, the result is a way of life that many home buyers crave (singles, couples, retirees, business professionals & families with children). With a strong and growing economy and access to a multitude of cozy terrains, the sky is the limit on where buyers choose to hang their hat and call Saskatchewan home. Home bodies and outdoor-minded people alike find countless opportunities to fulfill their spare time and hobbies. For an urbanite lifestyle, Saskatchewan can provide that too within the major cities of Saskatoon or Regina! As you can already see, the real estate in this province is diverse in styles & pricing because this province is diverse. Buyers will find everything from mansions to condos to bungalows to cottages & cabins (and everything in-between!). This is one place that is ideal to begin a family or raise a family, start a new business venture, continue education, or retire to enjoy life to its fullest. With Alberta in the west, Manitoba in the east, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut in the north, and the USA in the south, there are no limits to continuous adventures when living here!
The process of purchasing a home... the real estate and mortgage sectors can seem intimidating to first time home buyers and even experienced home buyers, mostly because it is always evolving and changing. These days, most home buyers have not saved up enough money to buy their home for cash, cover all closing costs, execute upfront renovations and afford moving expenses (not to mention saving a large down payment). The quick solution for many buyers is to borrow enough money to pay out all the upfront costs associated with buying a house with or without property. The real question here is... have you prepared in other ways for home ownership and the exceptionally large financial commitment that goes along with it? Have you polished up your credit rating to reflect a great score? Can you prove enough steady income to cover a mortgage loan with interest? Do you have little-to-no debts? Do you own assets? These are just some basic key components to your finances that a lender will be investigating when you are ready to apply for a mortgage loan. If (and when) you have done the leg work to secure a lender that has approved your mortgage loan application and you have negotiated procedural costs, the next step is to wiggle into the real estate market.
Saskatchewan real estate MLS listings (a multiple listing service that describes many of the homes here that are listed for sale) is generally viewed by buyers, but did you know that a real estate agent and their office has exclusive listings that are not on the MLS? This is the first bonus to recruiting a real estate agent to help you with your search for a new home. Yes, you will pay a fee/commission to a realtor for their services, but the benefits of their expertise and knowledge about the real estate market provides unsurpassed value to you. At the time you find a home that checks most of the 'must-haves' on your home list, it will be your real estate agent that will put in your offer to the seller of the home. There are some vital steps that will follow an offer (if it is accepted by the seller) such as opening an escrow account, executing a title & insurance search, hiring a lawyer to deal with all the legalities, complete a home inspection (and if necessary through the results of the home inspection, renegotiate your offer) and remove contingencies if you and your realtor are happy with the final purchase agreement.

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